Two Brothers Tavern is very excited to begin offering kombucha on draft! Kombucha is a centuries-old beverage that has been revered for its life-enhancing qualities. A fermented beverage made from tea, water, sugar, yeast and bacteria, kombucha is a naturally-fizzy alternative to sugar-laden sodas and fruit juices. The average soda contains 90 calories per serving to kombucha’s 28, 25 grams of carbs to 7 grams in kombucha, and 25 grams of sugar to kombucha’s 5 grams. This is a delicious non-alcoholic beverage for all ages, and we are thrilled to offer it as a healthy alternative!

Our area happens to be the home of a few outstanding kombucha producers, one of which is Middlebury’s own Aqua ViTea. We’ve partnered with our friends at Aqua ViTea for a launch party on Thursday, May 17 from 4-6pm. We will be featuring two of their outstanding kombuchas, Bluebernie and Tumeric Sunrise, as well as their Aqua Vodka and specialty cocktails made using both! Folks from Aqua ViTea will be on-hand to give out fun prizes – AND that day happens to be the launch of our new spring food menu! So, join us on May 17 for outstanding food and drink that will appeal to the whole family!

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